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Product Features

Q. So what can you do with the Rocket Boil 'N' Cook exactly?

A. The Rocket Boil 'N' Cook portable food cooker™ is designed to provide a variety of cooking options and boiling water for drinking at the same time - it makes an ideal portable cooker for travelling! The unit is robust, works well as a portable campfire cooker and it is fuel efficient – you can use small sticks, charcoal or any flammable material.

Q. How long will it take to boil water?

A. Depending on the type of wood being used and how well stoked the fire is, it should take approximately 40 minutes.

Q. Can i use cooker without water inside?

A. You should always use the cooker with some water in the cylinder as it works as an insulator for heat transfer from the fire.

Q. Would a frying pan fit on it okay or do you have to use pans that perfectly fit into the "stand" part?

Yes frying pan will fit any up to 300 mm and can use any size pot

Q. Do pots get blackened cooking this way?

A. Yes, it is likely. It is best to use stainless pots as these will clean up or cast iron pans.

Q. Would a plastic handle on a pot melt?

A. No, it is unlikely the plastic handles would get hot at all.

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