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Rocket Boil 'N' Cook Portable Food Cooker™

Rocket Boil 'N' Cook Portable Food Cooker™
The Rocket Boil 'N' Cook portable food cooker™ is designed to provide a variety of cooking options and boiling water for drinking at the same time! The unit is robust, making the ideal portable campfire cooker and it is fuel efficient – you can use small sticks, charcoal or any flammable material.

* Reduce the amount of fuel required to cook
* Reduced costs of buying wood
* Less time searching for wood
* Perfect portable cooker for travelling with a convenient carry handle
* Robust almost indestructible fully stainless steel construction
* Safe boiling water to drink
* Hot water for washing dishes
* Safe - Built-in fire containment and stable

NOTE: The Rocket Boil 'N' Cook™ package does not include pots, woks or other cooking utensils.


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The Rocket Boil 'N' Cook portable food cooker is close to indestructible with robust stainless steel manufacturing. The Rocket Boil 'N' Cook design is simple, efficient and practical and makes the perfect campfire cooker.

Whenever there is a disaster or a humanitarian catastrophe, population displacements caused by war, weather or natural disasters, the Rocket Boil 'N' Cook can provide boiling water for drinking and make it easy and convenient to provide cooked meals.

Designed in New Zealand
Manufactured in China

Key Uses

  • Camping & Outdoors
  • Hunting & Fishing
  • Power cuts
  • Third world countries
  • Worldwide disasters
  • Refugee camps
Family Camping

Fuel Options

  • Any bush material (best size up to 10mm diameter)
  • Scrap wood (pallet's etc)
  • Charcoal
  • Wood pellets
  • Any flammable material
Sticks - Rocket Two-In-One fuel

Cooking Options

  • Frying
  • Baking
  • Cooking crayfish/ shell fish
  • BBQ
  • Wok cooking
  • Island boil ups
  • Coffee & tea
Rocket Two-In-One Cooking Options
View the Rocket Two-In-One Instruction Sheet

Fuel Efficiency

1.4 kg of bush sticks equivalent to 2 hours cooking time*

* Time varies according to wind conditions, dryness of sticks used etc

Product Dimensions

33 cm from base to top of windshield
31 cm cylinder diameter

Pots maximum diameter: 30cm

Woks can sit on top of wind shield so a larger diameter is suitable

Product Dimensions Boxed 

34 cm (width) x 36 cm (height) x 34 cm (length)

Product Weight

Unboxed 4.5 kg
Boxed 5.5 kg

Rocket Two-In-One Design

The Rocket Boil 'N' Cook Portable Cooker™ is delivered in a sturdy cardboard box. The box contains:

* Note the Rocket Boil 'N' Cook does not include pots or pans or other cooking utensils.

"We recently purchased the Rocket Two-In-One to replace our old portable gas cooker for our camping trips. What a great product! We always had enough food for everybody, even unexpected visitors and there was always a hot cuppa ready to go! Well done to the team at Rocket Two-In-One!"

J. Summers
Hibiscus Coast